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Ball Skills Activities

Activities to help with throwing and catching.


-Underhand beanbag throwing circuit

You can create a circuit of increasingly difficult underarm throwing challenges that your children can perform. The children can gradually progress from station to station as they manage to land each throw on target.  

This approach gives the kids a sense of accomplishment and they will notice their own throwing skills improving.  This circuit uses small beanbags because they are easier for the children to hit the target with and they won’t roll away after being thrown. (Sponges will also work).

  The circuit can include:

  • Underarm throwing station 1
    Have the children attempt to throw their beanbag at a raised target with a ball on top.  Their goal is to knock the ball off. (E.g. on top of the bin).
  • Underarm throwing station 2
    Have the kids try to throw their beanbag into a bucket
  • Underarm throwing station 3
    Have the children partner up and try to successfully throw and catch the beanbag three times in a row.
  • Underarm throwing station 4
    Have the children attempt to throw the beanbag at a target on a wall


-Bucket toss golf

This game combines underarm throwing with the rules of golf.  To play, you will need:

  • Beanbag balls, rolled up socks or soft foam balls
  • Buckets or cardboard boxes
  • Pieces of cardboard or string for golf tees

Start by setting up a miniature golf course, with string for the tee and a bucket or cardboard box for the hole.  Ideally, you should have at least 5 holes in your miniature golf course.  

Have the participants start at the first tee and attempt to throw their beanbag ball into the bucket with as few throws as possible.  The children should throw one at a time until everyone has completed the hole.  

You can keep track of the scores on a piece of paper.  The child to complete the course in the least number of  throws is the winner.  You can also vary the length of the holes to make the course more challenging if the children are accurate throwers.


This game requires more than one player. Players pass the ball to each other and each time the ball is dropped they gain a letter of the word DONKEY until one of the players has received all 6 letters.