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Some activities to keep you busy!




I.C.T can be a noisy and overwhelming place for some of us! Let's settle in and calm down with some interactive mindful colouring




The following website has a huge selection of wordsearches to choose from! Miss Duggan chose 'Different Dog Breeds!' 


When you have completed a few, why not try and create your own?!




Practice your timestables whilst helping Sketch escape the evil rubbers!


FairTrade: We are inventing our own smoothies!


Today we are creating storyboards!


24 Maths Game


  • The object of the game is to use all 4 numbers on each card to make the number 24.
  • You can only use each number once.
  • You can add, takeaway, multiply or divide



Study this map of cities in the United Kingdom 



Check out google maps to explore the locations of cities in more detail,lf_ui:1&tbm=lcl&sxsrf=ALeKk02gZ466rNQKk8j3F806PLBEjM2YJA:1621496921253&q=united+kingdom+cities+map&rflfq=1&num=10&ved=2ahUKEwivlvvf4tfwAhViaRUIHetdAm0QtgN6BAgzEAc


Watch the video clip below:


Now test your knowledge!


LANDMARKS OF THE WORLD - 100 Famous Landmarks for Kids

Landmarks for kids. Let's learn 100 famous landmarks around the world with their names and locations.

Now that you know all about famous landmarks, test your knowledge using the game below! 


Time to practice our spellings!


Head to the link below and work your way through: 








Now that you've practiced the words, you have two options: 


MEDIUM: Open a word document and write a sentence for each of the words below 




SPICY: Open a word document and write a short story containing as many of the words below as possible!!




















Let's practice our PREPOSITIONS!

Today is World Earth Day 



Task ONE


Head to the following link on NewDesk to read all about Earth Day. Leave a comment - anyone who makes it to the front page gets a prize!


Task TWO 


Click on any of the links below to play some interactive games relating to Earth Day





Sport and Atmosphere. 


Can you imagine how players are feeling at the moment in empty stadiums? 


Have you been to a football match before? Atmosphere is so important! 


Watch the video below and then choose one of the writing tasks.


Open a word document and write at least 1-2 paragraphs on your chosen topic. 


Save it in our class folder and be prepared to share your work with the rest of the class!

A Packed Stadium

Still image for this video

Writing Tasks! Choose 1! 


Imagine you are at the stadium. Describe what you could see? hear? smell? taste? touch?


Describe the atmosphere/ What do you think makes perfect atmosphere?


Write the ingredients for the perfect football match maybe?


Describe the reactions of the crowd, managers, officials. 


Imagine you are the mascot and write a recount about walking out.

Prince Philip




Listen to the Newsround Article on the life of Prince Philip below. Be prepared to share something you learnt with the rest of the class




Head to the following link to look through the photographs of Prince Philip's life. Read the captions and then answer the questions on the worksheet Miss Duggan has given you. 




Download the reading activity below. Click File  Save As and save it in our class folder entitled 'Prince Philip' 

Then read through the activity and answer the questions on the digital document! 


Word Clouds Task


How did you feel about coming back to school yesterday?!


Lots of us have had a mix of emotions.

Miss Duggan felt very nervous on Monday morning but after one day she is excited and looking forward to being back at Brookies! 


Your ICT task today is to create a positivity word cloud about what you are looking forward to in the final term of p7!


Try to think of as many words as you can!

You can change the colours, fonts and the shape of your word cloud!


Follow the instructional video below to get started!



Still image for this video