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Litter and Waste

The Litter and Waste Team have had a busy few months! We hold fortnightly litter patrols, where the children, along with Mr Kirkwood, don their rubber gloves and litter grabbers and take to the grounds in search of every stray piece of litter they can find.

P6S produced an assembly to educate everyone on the negative effects of dropping litter. Litter in school and on our streets looks dirty, caused pollution and can harm animals who get trapped or hurt by our waste - waste which is simply in the wrong place!

Our message to every one is 'Don't be a bin baddie, be a bin buddy instead!'

We want everyone to play their part and make sure litter goes into a bin or into you pocket!

Thanks to all pupils and parents who are doing everything they can to keep Brooklands a litter-free zone!