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Mathematics 26th February

Scroll down below numeracy introduction for lesson videos. 

Hi P3 Superstars and welcome to Fridays numeracy lesson. We hope you are enjoying learning all about Houses and Homes?  Well today you are going to complete word problems linked to our Houses topic. Wow, how incredibly exciting is that?


Now P3, you all know that we use the RUCSAC strategy to help us to solve a problem. Let's recap on the strategy to refresh our memories :).


Read the problem carefully

Understand the problem.

Choose the calculation (+ or -)

Solve the problem

Answer the question

Check your answer


  • Remember P3 - we always highlight the important information to help us.
  • We can draw pictures to help us.
  • We read the question carefully and make sure that we choose the correct calculation, e.g. how many altogether will mean it is an addition calculation but how many are left will require a subtraction calculation.
  • We always show our working out.


Which challenge will you choose today?


HC - Higher level challenge

MC- Middle level challenge

LC-  Lower level challenge


Remember the pages do not need to be printed off.

As long as you have a pencil  and paper you will be ready to go!

Good luck P3 Superstars 

Please watch the videos below to help you with today’s number work.

Houses and Homes Word Problems

Still image for this video
Introduction - part 1

Word problems continued.....

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Part 2