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Mathematics 3rd March

Good morning P3s!! 

It's Wednesday 3rd March and time for some numberwork !

Today we are going shopping!

So, some coins from your money box will help you with today's task.

For each item that you buy , you will be shopping with either a 50p or a 20p coin.

For example, if an item costs 39p and you pay with a 50p coin, you can work out how much change you will get in 2 different ways.

50p - 39p = 11p OR

39p +  111        = 50p


This is much easier to show you while I am explaining it boys and girls.  So please watch the video below very carefully before you attempt today's task.


Good luck P3s.



Which challenge will you choose today?


Remember the pages do not need to be printed off.

As long as you have pencil and paper you will be ready to go!

When you have completed today's challenge you can click on the link and have some fun with the "giving change" game on "Topmarks".

Good luck P3 Superstars!

HC- Higher level challenge

MC- Middle level challenge

LC-  Lower level challenge

Giving change from 50p

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Further explanation for H/M level challenge

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Giving change from 50p

Lower level Challenge

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Giving change from 20p