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AQE Transfer Test in February is Cancelled

Dear Parents and P7 Pupils,


Last night we learnt through News Channels that the AQE Examination, rescheduled for the 27th February has now also been cancelled. 


In a statement the AQE said it was cancelling the test due to ongoing uncertainty around the potential extension of this current lockdown. 


You have been remarkable in how you have handled the many changes and uncertainties that you have had to face this year, and we are extremely proud of our P7 Boys and Girls, and their families.  


You have kept smiling, kept trying your best, and kept on digging deep for your reserves of courage, determination and resilience. 


You should feel very proud of yourselves, first and foremost, and we, as a school family, will help you every step of the way, no matter what you may face in education, as you look ahead to selecting post primary school places for the next academic year.


None of your hard work will ever be in vain, and that goes for each and every one of our hardworking, incredible P7 Pupils. 


We are here for you and your families. Please contact us with anything you need this week, as you as a family readjust, support one another and process this news once more. 


With love to each and every one of our pupils and their families this morning. 


Post Primary information and admissions criteria for post primary applications for September 2021 will be available on the Education Authority website on Tuesday 2nd February 2021.