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Parents' meetings for P1 to P6 classes - timetable

You are invited to come along and meet your child's teacher to learn about the type of work your child will be doing this year and how you can help them.  The meeting will be held in your child's classroom.  Children in Primary 1 should not be brought to school for these meetings.  The dates and times of the meetings are given below.

Primary 1 - Thursday 10th September - 1.15-1.45pm


Primary 2 - Tuesday 1st September - 1.15-1.45pm


Primary 3 - Thursday 3rd September - 1.15-1.45pm


Primary 4 - Tuesday 1st September - 2.00-2.45pm


Primary 5 - Thursday 3rd September - 2.00-2.45pm


Primary 6 - Wednesday 2nd September - 2.00-2.45pm

Following the P6 meeting, there will be an additional meeting at 2.50pm for those parents whose children are participating in the Ardnabannon residential.