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School Restart Update - Covid 19 - August 2020

Brooklands Primary School

School Restart Information – August 2020

Further Update in relation to COVID-19


Dear Parent and Guardians,

We cannot wait to welcome your child back into Brooklands for the start of a new school year.

School opens to pupils as was outlined in previous information posted on our website.

One significant change to these times will be that school will close to all pupils on Wednesdays at 2pm. This will enable us to carry out a deep clean, mid-week.

At home times, classes will be released individually from the door through which entered, apart from P3, who will be released from the middle door, opposite the school office.

This process will take slightly longer than would be normal, so please allow a few extra minutes for your child to exit the building each day.

We would ask that parents and pupils make a swift exit of the school grounds, and respect social distancing as much as is possible at this time.

Designated doors will be open to the children from 0840 until 0900 each morning, to facilitate a more relaxed, yet staggered entry into the building. The children will be directed straight to their classrooms, where they will be met and welcomed by their teacher.

Once the children are within the school building, they will remain within their class ‘bubble’ for the duration of every school day, until this guidance changes. This will include break and lunchtimes, where each class has been allocated their own timeslot within the playground, where they will benefit from much needed fresh air and a chance to play with their friends.

On days where P3-P7 children are in school until 3pm, they will also be allocated an afternoon break time outside also. You may provide an afternoon snack for your child each day.

These breaks will be supervised between designated Classroom Assistants, Supervisors and Class Teachers.

We are delighted to let you know that we have set up a cashless system for school meals and payments moving forwards. A text message will follow with information regarding how to register, before the end of August.

The provision of school meals will commence on Tuesday 1st September, in the form of a cold packed lunch which will be delivered to the classroom.

A menu will be posted on our website for your perusal. 

Children are allowed to bring in their own lunch boxes and reusable drinks bottles. These will be stored within their school bag, on their pegs each day. We would ask that these reusable items be cleaned thoroughly each day. Thank you.

Full school uniform should be worn each day, which, following Department of Education Guidance, should be washed daily.

PE will be timetabled, for one session per week, per class. Your child’s PE day will be sent home to you, along with further class and year group information from your child’s class teacher, on Tuesday 1st September.

We would ask that the children wear trainers to school on this day. The children will not be changing into PE kit at this time, nor should they come into school wearing PE kit of any kind.

Our school building has undergone a deep-clean ahead of pupils and staff returning, and we would like to thank our cleaning staff for the work that has gone on during this period of closure.

As well as our buildings supervisor, a cleaner will be on duty throughout the whole school day, to ensure toilets, bannisters and door handles are regularly sanitised.

We are operating with two staffrooms to limit the contact of adults within school, and help keep staff and pupils as safe as possible.

We thank you for sending your child into school with their own hand sanitiser and box of tissues, along with their own stationery items, which will be stored within a zip wallet and used only by your child.

Each teacher has been supplied with their own Personal Protection Equipment, as well as a cleaning pack for classroom use. Each year group has also been supplied with contactless thermometers.

We would stress that it is imperative that you do not send your child into school if they are in any way unwell, or displaying any Covid-like symptoms.

In the event of a child displaying Covid-like symptoms, the child will be brought to a designated safe-space within school, where they will be supervised by a classroom assistant, until they can be collected by their parent or guardian.

It is imperative that we have up-to-date contact number for you, and any family member who would be collecting your child.

We thank you for your continued support, more now than ever.

Please know that your child’s safety, well-being and happiness in school is our main priority, and we cannot wait to welcome them in next week.

Kindest Regards,


Mr Armstrong and Mrs Smart