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Hi everyone!! 

Welcome to the NURSERY HOME LEARNING page.laugh

Why not log in while school is closed for exciting activities that you can do at home with your families!!

We hope that you are all keeping well.




Hasn't the weather been great? We can now see many signs of SPRING, why not look out for these signs when you are out for a walk with your family or you are in your back garden?

  • can you see birds gathering twigs etc to make their nests?
  • can you see buds on the trees which are slowly turning into leaves?
  • can you see daffodils or primroses?
  • can you see any baby animals and can you name them?
  • why not try to draw or paint a daffodil at home, look at the "trumpet",petals and stem!!
  • when you are outdoors , what can you HEAR??
  • HAVE FUN!!


Mrs Walker saw sheep with their lambs on her walk today. 


Miss Doherty saw some Spring flowers on her walk today.

Physical Development 


Physical activities are so important for our health and emotional well-being. Getting up and moving about has great benefits for both children and adults.


This week's physical development challenge: How many of these 7 activities can you complete at home?


  1. COSMIC YOGA! Try some Yoga for kids on YouTube - a fun way for the whole family to relax
  2. BEAN BAG CHALLENGE! How many bean bags/rolled up socks can you throw in a hoop, in a bucket or at a target?
  3. BUBBLES! Make some bubble mixture and homemade wands from straws, play dough cutters or wire hangers.
  4. ANIMAL MOVES! Use your body to move around the house/garden like different animals e.g. slither like a snake, flutter like a butterfly or bounce like a kangaroo.
  5. OBSTACLE COURSE! Set up mini obstacle courses at home to encourage children to move in different ways using different body parts.
  6. PARACHUTES! Use an old sheet as a parachute, you can find lots of ideas online for parachute games. This is a great game for the whole family!
  7. DANCE PARTY!! Close the curtains, turn on the music and DANCE! You could play musical statues or have a living room dance competition.   




      Some ideas to help:






Attention and Listening skills are so important for pre-reading and writing as our children transition to Primary One.


Why not try the ODD ONE OUT game?

Invite your child to tell you the odd one out from the following lists ( encourage them to tell you WHY it is the odd one out!!)

  1. dog  /  cat  /  flower.
  2. hat  /  pen  /  pencil.
  3. trousers  /  banana /  jumper.


Also play the "Ooops!! Nursery Rhyme Game" :

Can your child spot the deliberate mistake and give you the CORRECT ending to the Nursery Rhyme?

You could then try some more of your own.


  • Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great BUMP.
  • Jack and Jill went up the  MOUNTAIN. 
  • Hickory Dickory Dock, the mouse ran up the CURTAIN.

Well done !! Keep up your good listening!!