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Welcome back to our Home Learning Page after the half term break.

As you will have heard in the media, we are looking forward to seeing you all back in Nursery for 2 weeks from MONDAY 8th.MARCH - FRIDAY 19th.MARCH inclusive.smileysmileysmiley



3 March 2021

Let’s talk about PEOPLE WHO HELP US

We love this picture of a stormy day in Donaghadee!! Our lifeboat men are very brave to set out in stormy weather to help & rescue people who are in danger!!

It's Brooklands Book Week 2021!!!!

Monday 1st March

People Who Help Us


This week we are going to look at the roles of the People Who Help Us and keep us safe in our community. 



Doctors and Nurses

Doctor Checkup for Kids

Doctor Foster

Brain Breaks ♫ Action Songs for Children ♫ Dr. Knickerbocker ♫

Police (Police in NI wear DARK GREEN uniforms) :)

Let's Play: Police Officers

People Who Help Us - Police

Police Car Dance

Thursday 25th February

Building independence 


It is extremely important to promote children’s independence during their preschool year in order to get them ready and independent for “big school”. In Nursery we expect a lot of independence from the children in our classes. We ask the children to serve their own snack, wash their own dishes, register their names, label their own work and put on their own coats etc.


There are many ways in which you can help with developing your child’s independence at home. 

1. Encouraging your child to put their coat on independently.

Still image for this video

2. Let your child choose.

Another way to support your child’s independence is to give them choices. Involve them in deciding what to wear, what to play or who to phone. This does not mean they have free rein. Provide two or three options and then praise their great ability to make choices! 

3. Let your child help!

Let your child help you around the house, for example, when making scrambled egg let your child add the milk or whisk the eggs!


4. Give your child some chores.

These chores may look different to the chores of an older child. Lots of research shows that chores for children builds a sense of responsibility and self-reliance. 
Simple tasks like picking up toys or putting laundry in a basket can allow your child to have reasonable responsibility and ultimately help promote their independence. 


What your child can do around the house to develop independence. 
-Feed themselves and drink from an open cup.
-Wash their dishes after dinner in a child friendly basin at their height.

-Put their rubbish in the bin when they have finished eating.

-Set the table for dinner time.

-Put on their own coats.

-Dress themselves - start small e.g socks first and then work up to trousers/tops etc.

-Choose their own clothes for the day. 
-Put toothpaste on their own toothbrush.

-Brush the floor.

-Tidy up toys - this could be organised into a box for cars, a box for dolls etc. 
-Keep bedroom tidy.

-Cleaning their own bottoms after using the bathroom. 
-Help with gardening.

-Feed pets (with supervision!)


Have a look at this website for some ideas of play ideas that can promote independent play.


I'm Independent

This Is The Way We Get Dressed | Kids Songs

Helping Out Around The House | Signing Time

MONDAY 22 February - Name recognition without your symbol!! An adult could put up names of your family on the fridge - see if you can recognise your name!

Scroll down for some pencil activities!!cool

Monday 22nd February - pencil work.

You could try this activity at home and send in your work to Mrs Walker or Miss Doherty - good work!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Lola Campbell from the Morning Class who won one of the prizes for the “feel good” photography competition!!! Lola was so proud when she received her award from Mr Armstrong and Mrs Smart!

Thursday 11 February - Eddie the Teddy here!! (Part One)-Positional Language.

Watch Eddie playing and then join in by scrolling down to Part 2!
Also watch “Where’s the Monkey?” for some more fun! ENJOY!!

Eddie Part 2.

Please help as we play!!

Where's the Monkey? CAN YOU SEE HIM?????!!!!!!

A song to help children learn Positional language - try using these words when you are playing at home!!

2D Shapes (Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle)


Let's learn about a Circle, A Square, A Triangle and a Rectangle!!!

2D Shapes

Shapes Children's Song

Shapes Song

Shapes Are All Around

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During these difficult times we are increasingly aware of our own Mental Health and that of our children. As a parent you are your child's biggest and best role model. It is important that you LABEL YOUR EMOTIONS and why YOU are feeling sad, mad, gloomy etc. (eg. "I'm not too happy today because I have so much cleaning to do...").   Our aim is that our pre-schoolers will be able to

IDENTIFY their different feelings and emotions, learn to cope with them , be able to EXPRESS THEMSELVES and, of course, identify  the feelings of  others and begin to develop EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.

We hope that all of our activities and stories this week will be helpful.laughlaugh

"Ruby's Worry"

Ruby has a worry but soon learns what to do to help it go away!!Scroll down the page to read about some Art work that you may like to try !!






YELLOW is a bright, sunny colour and can make us feel HAPPY !!smiley

So you may like to draw a yellow sunshine or a beautiful rainbow.


BLACK is a dark colour and can make us feel GLOOMY/SCARED!sad

So you may like to draw a picture of a BIG,BLACK SPIDER.


Would you like to draw or paint a picture (or make a model) to tell everyone how you feel or draw something that makes you feel HAPPY,MAD,EXCITED,SCARED,SAD.......

Just you choose what you would like to do and send it in to Mrs Walker or Miss Doherty and tell us about your picture.



  • A picture of a thunder and lightning storm -SCARED.surprise
  • A big birthday cake/ playing in the snow - EXCITED.laugh
  • Falling and cutting your knee - UPSET.crying
  • A big hug from your mum or dad - LOVE.heart


Bobby has been learning about emotions - he loved the story about "RUBY's WORRY".!!

Cassia has drawn a lovely HAPPY picture and Emma loves outdoor fun in the park!! Olivia has made a HAPPY,YELLOW cat!!

Belle is feeling really excited about having a picnic outside with her family on a Sunny day in Spring.

I feel happy poem

Still image for this video

Kids Yoga for Anxiety - feel calm & relieve stress!

Find your centre with this selection of calming kids yoga adventures to help ease worries and anxiety.

Kids Yoga & Mindfulness to Wind Down

A selection of calming kids yoga and mindfulness to help kids wind down after a busy day. We begin with some gentle but fun yoga, followed by a classic mind...

Pull A Funny Face!

Still image for this video
Sang by Julia Donaldson.
Join in with me!!!

Shake Your Sillies Out ♫

Have fun and dance along!!

Coping with our emotions!

This exercise may help us all to calm down and cool down!

I have feelings! (Read by Miss Doherty)

Emotions and feelings!

We can help our children to recognise and understand emotions in themselves and others.

Let's keep looking at different feelings.

We can help our children to recognise and understand emotions in themselves and others.

How are Mrs Walker and Miss Doherty feeling? Who is Happy? Who is Scared? Who is Angry? Who is Sad?

Olivia is HAPPY when she is playing with LACEY!! Charlie loves to jump in puddles and play in the snow! He takes HIS OWN pictures of his lego models!!

Lacey feels happy when she plays with her dog Peggy Sue!!

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Thursday 28th January - Creative Development - Looking at Robins!

If you have any drawings of Robins or your favourite bird please send them to : (Full-time class)
Or ( Part - time classes) , we would love to see your work and post it on the Home Learning Page!

Look at the lovely Robins that we have drawn!!

Olivia's ROBIN!!

You could try to learn a Nursery Rhyme about a Robin:


The North Wind doth blow, (Wave arms)

And we will have snow, (Pretend to shiver)

And what will poor Robin do then, poor thing? ( Hold hands out as if questioning)

He'll sit in a barn, (Hold hands above head to make a roof)

To keep himself warm, (Hug yourself to keep warm)

With his head tucked under his wing,(Tuck head under arm as if it is a wing)

Poor thing!!



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Monday 25th January 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Kind/Unkind and Sharing


Today we are going to learn about being kind to our friends and families. When we are kind it makes our friends and family happy! When you are kind, others will be kind to you.

Watch the video below and then complete the activities on the PDF that follows smiley





Being Kind :)

***Kind and Unkind Sorting***

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Thursday 21st January 


Physical Development


Ball Skills!

In Nursery we like to cover all areas of your child’s development, including their physical development. Today we are going to work on the basic skills of throwing and catching a ball. Many children may already be able to do this but it is great to get outside and be active.

After watching the video below, have a go yourself or try some of the other activities  - click on the yellow star!

Why are ball games and activities good for your children?


Playing with balls makes physical activity fun.

Also, throwing, catching, rolling and kicking balls:

  • works arm and leg muscles
  • improves hand-eye coordination
  • increases fitness.

When children practise ball skills, they’ll notice their skills improving. This helps children understand that they can learn and get better at something if they try. And this builds self-esteem and confidence.

Playing with balls with children is also a great way to spend quality time together and build relationships.

Ball Skills with Miss Doherty

Still image for this video
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Put your hat on!

Still image for this video
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Monday18th January 2021

Can you help with OPPOSITES ????

 You might like to try this ACTION RHYME!!


I can stand up (Stand up straight).

Or I can sit down (Sit down)

I can smile (Make a smiley face)

Or I can frown ( Make a frown).


I can run (Run on the spot)

Or I can walk (Walk on the spot)

I can be quiet (Put fingers to lips)

Or I can talk ( Use fingers to chatter).


I can be happy (Smile) laugh

Or I can be sad (Look very sad) crying

I can taste good things (Pretend to eat something delicious)

Or I can taste bad (Screw your face up!)


I can jump in (Jump forwards)

Or I can jump out (Jump back)

I can whisper (Pretend to whisper)

Or I can SHOUT!!! (Shout last word).


Opposite - Debbie and Friends

Debbie and Friends presents a fun look at "Opposites" for kids and families. This is a great one for dancing and singing along!AVAILABLE now on DVD from Debb...

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Thursday 14th January - Mathematical Development - Let’s get Counting!!!

KEEP COUNTING!! Click on the link below to open the Power Point!

Would you like to COUNT AND DANCE with DEBBIE DOO??!!!

Learn To Count 1 to 10 for Toddlers and Kids | Fun Numbers Song | Learn Numbers | Debbie DooIts time to learn to count from 1 to 10 with Debbie Doo. This fu...

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Monday 11th January


World Around Us

Polar Animals


Today we are looking at Polar animals, animals that live in the Arctic and Antarctic.

The Arctic and Antarctic are freezing cold, it is like Winter all the time! The animals that live in these Polar regions have different features that help protect them from the ice and snow. 

Watch the video below to find out some interesting facts about a few of the key Polar animals. After watching the video why not do some of your own research at home about the other Polar animals, what can you find out about them?

Polar Animals with Miss Doherty

5 Little Penguins

Still image for this video

Little Lost Penguin