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P3 Miss Reid

angelWelcome to Christmas in P3R angel 

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas !

There are 25 fabulous children in our

class who are very excited to see what Santa brings on Christmas Eve!







The Snail and the Whale at Christmas!

P3R have been experimenting with a range of different media. Miss Reid has encouraged us to express our own ideas and develop our imaginations. Please take a look at our Christmas art - dusted with plenty of sparkly seasonal glitter!

Welcome to P3R!

Real money madness in P3R!

P3R are learning to use RUCSAC to solve word problems!

Phonics in P3R - sorting words with the 'o' sound!

Halloween is coming...........

Mellow Yellow Day in P3R :) We thought of lots of words beginning with y, we completed a yellow quiz, made stain glass butterflies and painted fabulous Vincent Van Gogh Sunflowers! How amazing are we?

Perfect Portraits in P3R! P3R had great fun painting self portraits. We looked carefully in the mirror to observe and discuss our facial features. We are learning to use fine paintbrushes to add more precision to our amazing artwork!

It's Tuesday! It's P.E.Yippee!

P3R have been learning about fairy tales. Our first fairy tale was Puss in Boots. We talked about the structure of the story - what happened first, in the middle and at the end. We talked about the characters, setting and plot! We developed our talking and listening skills, our ability to sequence a story in order and finally we developed our independent writing skills as we recounted the story.

Pinocchio told many lies. However, when he told lies the Blue Fairy knew because his nose grew longer and longer! P3R made Pinocchio puppets and created our own speech bubbles for the puppets we made. We talked about what Pinocchio may have said to Geppetto, the Blue Fairy and the cat and the fox. We discussed how he may have felt when he grew donkey ears and a tail and when he was inside the giant whale. P3 are developing their creative writing skills and are showing Miss Reid that they can be very imaginative!

Outdoor Play is essential! P3R love to play outside, socialise with our friends and let off steam.