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P6 Literacy 2nd March

Book week Day 2 - speech marks

After reading Chapter 2, we are going to practise adding speech marks to the spoken words

Welcome to Book Week - Day 2!

David Walliams is holding his very own online Amazing Assembly for World Book Day today at 10.30am!


To watch it at home, you must register in advance so click on this link to receive all the details!


Also today, you could  

  • head to our Brooklands Book Week webpage from 11.30am to listen to some short stories read by our Brooklands staff!
  • think about your entry for our "Extreme Expression" competition.  Choose an interesting passage from a book and practise reading it aloud in your most interesting voice.  Once you've perfected it, ask an adult to video your performance and send it to the school WhatsApp number.  All the details are on the Brooklands Book Week page.
  • email your teacher to sign up for your class Zoom meeting on Thursday afternoon.


This week's sound is the "u-e" sound e.g.

accuse, regular, statue


Download this week's PowerPoint to find out more about the "u-e" sound.  Then download this week's "Words for Sorting" (choose either the higher level or the lower level) and the "Phonics - homework tasks" worksheet.


We are going to follow the same pattern as we would normally do in school so...


Tuesday  Today I have to sort the words on my list to find out which words contain the same spelling of the target sound.

Wednesday  Today I use some of my words to write sentences (at least four sentences).

Thursday  Decide which spellings are hard to remember and find a way to learn them.


On Friday you can ask an adult to test you on this week's spellings.

Main activity

This week's P6 Literacy tasks are based around "Mister Skip" by Michael Morpurgo.  Each day, Mrs Bell will read one chapter of the book with you.  You can read along with her because all of the words are also on the screen.  Then we will complete our written activities based on that chapter.  Today we are reading Chapter 2 and then thinking about speech marks and punctuation.

Mister Skip Chapter 2

"In which I put Mister Skip together again" Excerpt from "Mister Skip" by Michael Morpurgo (HarperCollins)

Extension task

When an author such as Michael Morpurgo begins to write a story, he or she thinks carefully about the different places in which the story will be set.  We call these places the "settings".  The settings used in ‘Mr Skip’ are all places which are familiar to Jackie: the skip, the estate, Jackie’s flat, her school and the lock-up.  

On a page, plan a setting description that could be used if you were the author of a story.  Think about a place which you know well.  Use the prompts below to help you.


  • Type of setting (e.g. your bedroom, a classroom, a dance studio, a football pitch, etc.)
  • Where exactly is this place?
  • What would you see in this place? (e.g. objects, landmarks, etc.)
  • What would you be able to hear?
  • What would you smell?
  • What could be happening in this place?

Now draw a quick sketch of this setting

Don't forget to log in to BugClub to do your daily reading please!  If you can't remember your log-in details, please email your teacher.