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P6 Numeracy 10th March

Decimals - hundredths Lesson 6

Let's put into practise our adding and subtracting skills

Warm-up activity

For today’s warm-up, we are going to solve a Difference Pyramid.  Find the difference between each pair of next-door numbers and write the answer in the circle above. Work your way up one row at a time until you reach the top spot. There are two levels to choose from and, if you need some extra help, use the 100 square provided.

Main activity

On Monday and Tuesday we have been looking at decimal numbers with two digits after the decimal point (hundredths) and we've practised adding and subtracting vertically.


For today's activity, we are going to do some further practice of these calculations.  Watch today's video for more details. 


For some questions, you'll need to remember the following:

  • If a number does not already include a decimal point, you can add a decimal point after the number and then add one or more zeros
  • e.g. 15 = 15.0 = 15.00 (think about money -  £15 is the same as £15.00)


  • If a number only has one number after the decimal point (tenths), you can add another zero after the tenths to turn it into hundredths
  • e.g. 25.6 = 25.60           48.2 = 48.20

If you get stuck, watch yesterday's Numeracy video which goes through this in more detail.


Once you've watched today's video, choose your task and complete it to the best of your ability please!

Reasoning activity

Using the clues provided, can you complete this graph?  You'll need to think carefully and perhaps try a few different answers before you find the right one.

Time for some fun!

Head to the TopMarks website to play some Coconut Ordering!  Select "Up to 10 (2dp)" and try to knock down the coconuts in numerical order from smallest to largest.

Then why don't you head back to EducationCity and try some of the Play Live Maths games?  Will your name feature on at least one of the leaderboards?  Perhaps you could even get your name onto the national leaderboard where you are competing against P6s from across the UK!