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P6 other activities 15th March

Elizabeth Fry

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Wow, what a wonderful and selfless lady Elizabeth Fry was! Like so many of our other famous historical figures we have been learning about, she has shown herself to be a truly selfless person. Now, be sure you noticed that I said selfless and not selfish! Use a dictionary to look up the meaning of both of those words so that you cane note the distinct difference between them!!! That is your first task for today ... easy!!! 


I had never heard of Elizabeth Fry before and yet I have probably seen a picture of her a great many times!  The reason of course being because of what she said at the end of the video!  Not that I have ever had too many of those in my wallet - although Mrs Bell and Mr Coetzee always have loads!  For your second task today, I would like you to ask someone if they can show you the picture of Elizabeth Fry that she mentioned ... or go and have a look in your piggy bank!  For your third task you could try to discover what other people are also displayed on monetary notes?  But don't do too much research on this as this will form the basis of next week's lesson!  Well, a certain person will!


I hope that you enjoy learning about Elizabeth Fry today.  Be sure to watch the video at least a couple of times.  Can you continue to form your own mini-project in a similar way in which you have done for the other famous people?  How many facts can you record based on what you have watched?  Aim for 10!  But if you get a few less that is ok!  You might actually record a few more!  Can you draw an associated picture?  Tell your teacher what you thought of Elizabeth Fry - your opinions are always very important!  And can you conduct any of your own research from a different website to discover more interesting or alternative facts?


Good luck with all of that interesting work ... Teachers love seeing project work ... and I loved doing it when I was your age!