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P6 other activities 5th March



For about two seconds I had a wee bit of a blank about what to do for today's PE lesson! And then it hit me! Why not go old school for our PE lesson?!!! 


So as the title suggests, well actually reveals entirely, we are going to do some good old fashioned Hop Scotch! 


It is great fun and believe me it all is very good for your fitness! Mrs Bell, Mr Coetzee and I play it all the time with each other - I bet you all know who is the best at it between us three good buddies!!! We should actually have a teacher championships! That would make for a good video for the school website! 


Check out the link below for the rules of Hop Scotch if you have never played it before. I am sure you all have but it is ok if you haven't - you will love it! There are of course variations to the rules and if you invent some of your own that is ok too! 


Have great fun and send in all videos to your teacher via the email addresses ... Now, hop to it!!! Hehehehehehehehehehehehe see what I did there with that joke!!!