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P7 Mrs Smart and Miss Duggan

In P7SD we have enjoyed a positive, happy, hard-working first half-term...


We have settled in well to P7 and all that that brings. We have focussed on developing our maths and literacy skills, whilst ensuring we have made time to focus upon our positive well-being and happiness in school, which is so important at all stages in our lives.


We enjoyed our wonderful 'Mellow Yellow' Day where we focussed on connecting with others and taking notice of the world and wonders around us.


We wrote beautiful 'In the Clouds I see' poetry and drew stunning pastel portraits of yellow birds and giraffes - showing our teachers that we have a real talent and flair for the arts and being creative!


We enjoyed a visit to The Radar Centre in October, where we learnt about how to keep ourselves safe in the home, when out and about and when on-line, which is so vitally important. Alan and Michael, our dedicated neighbourhood officers, passed on high praise from staff at the centre, who said we were THE BEST P7 group they had ever had! We listened well, joined in well, and really engaged with every activity, showing interest and knowledge, as well as respect and excellent manners to the staff talking the sessions. Well done boys and girls - we were very proud of you when representing Brooklands outside of school. Shining stars!


Our topic is linked to current events. where we are studying deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest, as well as Climate Change issues, as raised by fellow student, Greta Thunberg.


We are writing our own news reports on the issue, as well as creating powerful poetry aimed at making other think about what is going on, and what we can do to play our part.


Well done for all that you do in class and around school P7 - and for 'filling people's buckets' each day! (our reference to showing kindness to others!)


Here's to an exciting new term as we move towards Christmas and our P7 Nativity production, which will be an exciting time ahead! We look forward to welcoming our friends from Towell House into our school once more, where the ladies and gentlemen are already looking forward to seeing you all this December, when they will enjoy watching your re-telling of the Christmas Story this year.


Thank you all!


Mrs Smart and Miss Duggan













P7SD in Action

P7SD in Action 1
P7SD in Action 2
P7SD in Action 3
P7SD in Action 4
P7SD in Action 5
P7SD in Action 6

Our Shared Writing 'In the Clouds I see' Poem

The Radar Centre Visit

The Radar Centre Visit 1
The Radar Centre Visit 2
The Radar Centre Visit 3
The Radar Centre Visit 4
The Radar Centre Visit 5
The Radar Centre Visit 6
The Radar Centre Visit 7
The Radar Centre Visit 8
The Radar Centre Visit 9
The Radar Centre Visit 10


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