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P7 Mrs Smart and Miss Duggan

Hello there!
I hope this finds you all safe and healthy this Monday morning.
It was great to have more contact with the class over the last 7 days; thanks to pupils and parents for all the hard work put into the fantasy short stories that Mr Henry received (still time to submit by 3pm today!) and the fantastic Dragon art entered into the whole school competition. 
If you head to the P7 Home learning page on the school website, you'll see that our focus shifts from fantasy to reality this week - the 75th anniversary of VE Day this Friday. This would very much have been a big focus in the classroom this week if we had been in more 'normal' times.
We have 2 main tasks for the P7s this week:
  • to research and learn all about VE Day 1945 and put their findings into a recorded 'news report' to camera, which can be sent to a new school Whatsapp number (to be confirmed during the week!)
  • to plan, organise and deliver a socially distant VE Day party on Friday in their homes or gardens.
Both tasks are creative in different ways and focus on developing the thinking skills of self-management, decision-making and managing information.  I do hope they (and you all at home!) will have some fun with the task and as many as possible will send their news reports in for us to see - it will so nice to see their faces and hear their voices (or maybe a put on accent?!)
The planning of the safe, socially distant VE party should also be fun. Could they set up a Zoom or video call with their friends on Friday to show each other what they are doing/how they are celebrating? Even in the midst of our own strange circumstances, I believe it's important to set aside time to remember those who fought in war for our freedom 75+ years ago and to celebrate the freedom that VE Day brought to millions across Europe.  
We too will enjoy that 'freedom' when the current circumstances pass and we all meet again...
If you need anything at all, if a pupil is feeling low or needs encouragement, I'm here to help and will do what I can from home to help, please do keep in touch this week.
Stay safe, stay HAPPY 🙂 and have a great week everyone.
Best wishes and love, from Mrs Smart

Some of our wonderful class this term... please keep pictures coming P7SD!

Hello our adorable boys and girls,


I know you will have been reading my letters on the P7 Home Learning page, but I wanted to send you a more personal hello, just to you all, this rather strange Easter Holiday!


I hope so much that you are all keeping well, and safe within your own homes. It's a very strange thing to be asked to do, and I know there will be days that you'll find it easier than others - that's totally normal!


I am exactly the same. Some days Molly and Lola are in good form, and keen to do their home-learning tasks, but other days they simply are not! And I get that, as some days, I'm on form and ready to do lots, and other days, well, not so much!! :)


I think it's really important for us all to know that that is ok! Keeping happy is THE number 1 job for us all, so if that means playing, baking, reading or watching a movie - then that's what we must do! :)


I hope you're managing to get out for the exercise that we are currently allowed to do. I'm finding I crave the outdoors now, with fresh air, and hearing sounds likes the birds tweeting, feeling really good for the soul!


On the whole-school app we've set up, you will see some fun activities to help you keep busy over Easter. There is no official 'learning' to be done over Easter, but you may find you want and need things to help you pass the time, so if you do want to dip into things on the P7 Learning page that you haven't done, you can absolutely do so, or, if you fancy something different, check out the Whole School page, and please email me pictures of anything you get up to - I would LOVE to see your smiling faces and hear how you are getting on, and see what you've taken part in!


A real honour is the PSNI competition we've been asked to take part in: Create a picture, with or without a slogan, to give thanks to our amazing NHS staff!! All entries will form part of a collage in the Ulster Hospital, and the overall winner will have their design turned into stickers for the staff to wear! How incredible to think all of these amazing people will wear a badge designed by someone from Brooklands! Wow!


Have you been out clapping on a Thursday evening at 8pm? I must say, I find that very moving, to think of us all coming together at that time to give thanks to all of our NHS heroes, and frontline workers, who are out there working to keep us safe and keep things moving along for us all. This Thursday, Molly and Lola have asked if they can bring pots, pans and wooden spoons out, as they clearly didn't feel they were loud enough last week! Listen out for them, won't you?! :)


The other activities, such as the Eco JUNK ART CHALLENGE will help your families use up some of their recycling, which is mounting in all of our blue bins and boxes at the moment! I can't wait to see what YOU come up with!


Mr Henry has added his infamous SPINNEY WHEEL - is there NO escape???!!! :)


I will add more to this over the fortnight, so watch this space.


Right now boys and girls, you are living through history. We will all look back on this time, and remember where we were and what we were doing during the Coronavirus Pandemic. As such, there are a couple of things I'd like you to do....


One, and the most important of all: Focus on your happiness, as how you feel during this time will stay with you longer than the work you did! Do things that make you feel happy, creative, active and positive.


Two - keep all of the work that you do or things that you create - keep it all safe, as a souvenir, as you will show this to your families when you are older, in the way my grand-parents could show me their ration cards when restrictions were placed on their lives during the Second World War. This will become part of your life story - so hold onto those memories so that you can share them in many years to come!


Here is a great idea I have come across... as an arts and crafts / writing project - can you create a time- capsule for yourself - something into which you can add photos, pieces of your writing, maybe a drawing of a rainbow, basically things that will help you remember what you were doing and how you felt now, at this moment in time, this moment in history?


I will add some time-capsule ideas to the whole school page, but I wanted to give you a head start and get you thinking now. You're all so artistic that I know you'll enjoy making a capsule of your own, and thinking about what you'll put into it!


Stay safe everyone. Please pass on my very best wishes to your families, with everyone doing their very best in very strange times. Even although it is hard at times, remember that the more we follow the rules today, bunker down in our homes and keep ourselves safe, the sooner we can all look forward to being together again, and finding even more joy from the company of our family, friends... and even our teachers! :)


Please know that I miss you so much, and think about you all every day, wondering how you are getting on! Please remember, I can be emailed on, and know that I would love to hear how you are, and see examples of the activities you take part in! It's the next best thing to seeing you right now, and I look forward to when we can all get together and look back on this time with pride in ourselves, and a renewed appreciation for all that we have around us.


Take care of each other, be kind to yourselves and know how important, how special and how cared for you are!


With much love,


Mrs Smart

Mrs Smart's, Molly & Lola's Daily Pedal!

In P7SD we have enjoyed a positive, happy, hard-working first half-term...


We have settled in well to P7 and all that that brings. We have focussed on developing our maths and literacy skills, whilst ensuring we have made time to focus upon our positive well-being and happiness in school, which is so important at all stages in our lives.


We enjoyed our wonderful 'Mellow Yellow' Day where we focussed on connecting with others and taking notice of the world and wonders around us.


We wrote beautiful 'In the Clouds I see' poetry and drew stunning pastel portraits of yellow birds and giraffes - showing our teachers that we have a real talent and flair for the arts and being creative!


We enjoyed a visit to The Radar Centre in October, where we learnt about how to keep ourselves safe in the home, when out and about and when on-line, which is so vitally important. Alan and Michael, our dedicated neighbourhood officers, passed on high praise from staff at the centre, who said we were THE BEST P7 group they had ever had! We listened well, joined in well, and really engaged with every activity, showing interest and knowledge, as well as respect and excellent manners to the staff talking the sessions. Well done boys and girls - we were very proud of you when representing Brooklands outside of school. Shining stars!


Our topic is linked to current events. where we are studying deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest, as well as Climate Change issues, as raised by fellow student, Greta Thunberg.


We are writing our own news reports on the issue, as well as creating powerful poetry aimed at making other think about what is going on, and what we can do to play our part.


Well done for all that you do in class and around school P7 - and for 'filling people's buckets' each day! (our reference to showing kindness to others!)


Here's to an exciting new term as we move towards Christmas and our P7 Nativity production, which will be an exciting time ahead! We look forward to welcoming our friends from Towell House into our school once more, where the ladies and gentlemen are already looking forward to seeing you all this December, when they will enjoy watching your re-telling of the Christmas Story this year.


Thank you all!


Mrs Smart and Miss Duggan













P7SD in Action

Our Shared Writing 'In the Clouds I see' Poem

The Radar Centre Visit


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