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P7 Mr Devlin & Miss Steele

Hi P7SD!!!


Welcome to P7, and all of the fun and learning that P7 brings!


It is just FANTASTIC to have you all back in Brookies, where you belong, and seeing your happy, smiling faces each day means everything to your teachers!


All we ever ask in P7 is that you try your best, and above all else in school, that we are kind.

We want P7 to be such a happy year for each and everyone of you - you deserve nothing less, and we all play such an important part in that. Be kind to others, but be kind to yourself too!


Every day you will learn something and you will grow as the wonderful individuals you are!


We are here to help you, every step of the way, and whilst things may seem a little different, we are the same class and school with the same 'special ingredients' that make Brooklands the special place that it is.... Each and everyone of YOU!


Let's have a year we can all be so proud of!


Much Love from Mrs Smart, Mr Devlin and Miss Steele



Positive Thinking in P7SD


During our first week back to school we focused on some positive thinking and how a great mindset can boost our mood. We thought about how positive thoughts can help us to try our best in all aspects of life, which is just what we want here in Brooklands! Everyone designed their own thinking bubble and included great drawings of things which give them a positive mindset. Click through the slideshow below to see our thinking faces!



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