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Polar Animal Activities

Polar animal activities 


Here are some Polar animal activities that you could do at home 


-Polar Bear face masks

Use white paper plates, lolly pop sticks, black paper and glue to make your own Polar Bear face mask. Cut two eyes out of the paper plate and stick on a black nose and black mouth. Cut two circles out of another paper plate to attach two ears and finally attach a lolly pop stick at the bottom and you have a Polar Bear face mask!


-Potato print Polar Bears

Cut a baby potato in half, dip it in white paint and print it onto black/blue paper to make the shape of a head. Dip finger into the white paint and give the bear two ears, once the paint is dry, draw on two eyes, a nose and a mouth. 


-Make snow dough!


-Polar Bear footprints

Draw out big Polar Bear feet using white paper or card, write one fact about the Polar bear on each foot. 

Spread out the polar bears paws wide on the floor and have your child step wide to each paw or have them step on a fact and then you can read it out loud.


-Arctic animal yoga

Yoga moves for you and your children!


Polar Bear Pose

Walk on your hands and feet – Take a big breath and add a ROAAAR!

Moose Pose

Tree Pose –  Move your arms above your head like moose antlers!


Walk with your knees together or with an object between your knees!


Lay on your stomach. Place your hands on the floor under your shoulders. Pull your body along the floor by moving with your arms.


Downward Dog – Make husky noises!


Upward Facing Dog

Arctic Fox

Start out on your hands and knees. Reach your right arm in front of you. Reach your left leg behind you. Hold. Repeat on the opposite side

Arctic Hare

Squat on the floor with your weight on your toes. Spread your knees as far apart as you can. Make sure your hands are in between your knees on the floor. Hop up into the air and repeat.

Arctic Wolf

Bicycle Pose – Think of being a running wolf and howl like wolf!