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Literacy 25th February

Alphabetical order explanation

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Alphabetical Order

(Mixed Bag)

Good morning P3 and welcome to tremendous Thursday. Today you are going to be using that amazing knowledge you have of the alphabet to complete an alphabet order mixed bag. I'm sure you are thinking, what is a mixed bag? Well a mixed bag is a mixture of 1st and 2nd letter alphabetical order challenges.


All you need to remember is the following;


If all the words in a set begin with a different letter then it is a first letter alphabetical order challenge.  For example, 

 football,  pet, umbrella, animal, car

ordered alphabetically would be

animal, car, football, pet, umbrella.


If the words in the set all begin with the same letter, then it is a second letter alphabetical order challenge. For example, 

snake, sausage, sun, scared, soap

ordered alphabetically would be

sausage, scared, snake, soap, sun.


Remember to take your time P3. Underline the first letter in each word if its a first letter challenge and underline the second letter if its a second letter challenge. Score or X out each word as you use it. Most importantly, check over your answers when you're finished.


Good luck P3 Superstars and remember to select the challenge that is right for you heart .


HC- Higher level challenge

MC- Middle level challenge

LC- Lower level challenge


yes You can do it P3!