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VIPERS is an acronym (each letter stands for something).


VIPERS is a great way to help us to practice our 6 key reading skills!



Don't worry if you don't know what these skills are just yet! We will explain them a little below, and then you can have a go at a VIPER reading activity of your choice! 


The more you use VIPERS, the better your reading will become!





questions might ask you to clarify the meaning of a word in the text. 



questions might ask you to explain and justify something using evidence from the text.



questions might ask you to guess what will happen next in the story. 



questions might ask you to give details about what happened in the text.



questions might ask you to find something from the text. 



questions might ask  you to summarise key parts of the story! 




Now have a go! These are some VIPER fairytales.... choose a level that suits you! 

Answers are on the last page - no peeking!