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Battle Bunny - design your own

Miss Lyon's favourite book has been defaced!

Sweet, little Birthday Bunny is no longer; Battle Bunny is here to wreak havoc. 

Today's task is to design your own version of Bunny.


I would LOVE if the name was alliterated, but if you have another idea you would really like to use, that is fine.



You can turn to the 'b' section of the dictionary to see if there are any good words you could use to make your Bunny's name. 


You can print the sheet below and draw over the top with a felt tip or marker pen.


No printer? No problem - you can simply take a blank page and get drawing your version of Bunny.


Don't forget to write your bunny's name at the top of the page.

It would also be great if you could label changes to their clothing etc and anything going on in the background. Please send us pictures of your bunnies; we would LOVE to see them. 


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