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Hundreds, Tens and Units

We can show numbers using digits, an abacus or dienes (HTU).

Look at the ways we can show 253.



Choose some numbers and draw them on an abacus and using Hundreds, Tens and Units. 

Mild numbers 10-100

Spicy Numbers 100-1000


Which is more, which is less?

Look at each pair of pictures. One shows an abacus, one shows dienes.

Which picture has the higher number and the lower number?





Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Number 5

Re-grouping Hundreds, Tens and Units

Remember to bring together all hundreds, all tens and all units before finding your final total.

Look at the pictures below. Group the hundreds, then the tens, then the units to find your total.

How much altogether in each picture?

Now try these totals. smiley


Over the next few weeks, we will have some Problem solving Activities. Remember our Classroom Top Tips from the display? Decide which strategies might be useful to help you solve the problem.


This week our problem is about a set of Holiday Apartments. smiley