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P6 Literacy 15th March

"Swans with names" comprehension

Find out about today's tasks including a comprehension passage about Bewick's swans. Text taken from Key Comprehension 3 Unit 13 (Ginn)

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Starter activity

Let's begin by playing a spelling game!  We are trying to create a word chain beginning with the word "water".  Follow the instructions below, choose your chilli challenge level and do your best!  Don't forget, if you're not sure how to spell a word, please look it up in a dictionary.

Main activity

Do you remember going on your P4 school trip to Castle Espie?  While you were there, you learned about the different migratory birds (such as swans and geese) which visit the British Isles each year and thought about questions such as:

  • Why do these birds travel across huge distances to spend winter here?
  • How do they navigate?
  • What influences their journey?  What do they need to survive?
  • How can we track these birds along their journey?


For today's comprehension activity, we are going to learn about a particular type of swan - the Bewick's swan.  We are going to watch a short video about these swans, read a non-fiction comprehension passage and then select the true statements from a given list.  Watch today's video where Mrs Bell explains what to do.


To begin this activity, watch the video below to learn more about the Bewick's swans and their migration to and from Slimbridge in England.

Bewick's swans: A safe haven | WWT

Bewick's swans migrate across Europe from their breeding grounds in Siberia to spend the winter in the milder climate of Slimbridge in England.

Then it's time to download your comprehension activity.  Read it through at least three times and discuss what you have learned with someone at home please.  For today's written task, you need to read through the 15 statements and write down the true statements  - choose carefully based on the evidence in the passage please.   Clue - there are ten true statements!

This map shows the Bewick's swans breeding grounds in Siberia (in purple) and their winter nesting sites (in blue).

Extension task for higher level pupils

Download the extension questions below and challenge yourself to answer as many questions as possible!  You may need to do some research to find out some of the answers.

Art Challenge!

Develop your drawing skills with this "How to draw a swan" art tutorial!

How To Draw Swan Step by Step

Play Live Words!

Congratulations to Jude, Olivia and Abigail who claimed the top three spots last week!

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