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P6 Numeracy 16th March

Decimals - hundredths Lesson 8

It's division day!

Warm-up activity

Let's begin today by practising our multiplication skills.  Download today's "Speed Tables" worksheet, set a timer and see how quickly you can fill in the answers. 

Try to complete as much of the grid as you can without any help.  If there are certain tables which you find more difficult, use the "Multiplication Tables Factsheet" to help you and remember to spend some time revising these tables at home please.

Main activity

Today's main activity focuses on division of decimal numbers where there are two numbers after the decimal point (hundredths).  Watch today's video where Mrs Bell shows you how to complete your calculations and then choose your level and download the activity below.  Set out your questions carefully please and don't forget to include the decimal point in both the question and in your answer. 


If you need some help with your division facts, use the division facts handout whenever you get stuck but do try to complete as much as you can on your own please.

Extension task for higher level pupils

Download the "Money word problems extension task" below.  Read each question carefully and decide how you will work out the answer. Are you adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing?  Be careful – some questions may have two parts. Don’t forget to include the decimal point in your working out and in your answer please.

Reasoning activity

Take a look at today's Convince Me card.  When we partition a number, we break it up into more manageable parts.  Tom and Tanya have suggested two different ways to partition 6284.  Are there any other ways 6284 could be partitioned?  Talk about this question at home and give examples to show your thinking.

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