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P6 Numeracy 1st March

Measuring using metres and centimetres

Practise converting between centimetres and metres and then we're measuring various items around the house

Warm-up activity

This week's focus is on word problems.  In term one, we practised using RUCSAC when answering word problems.

Today's word problems are all either addition or subtraction questions.  Download the task below, do your working out and then don't forget to do the inverse calculation to check your answer.

Main activity

Today we are thinking about measuring length and the relationship between centimetres (cm) and metres (m).  Before you begin today's task, have a look in your house for a ruler and a tape measure.


We learned back in P4 and P5 that there are 100 centimetres in one metre. 

  • If an object measures 3m, then it is 300cm long because 3 X 100cm = 300cm
  • If an object measures 218 cm, then it is 2m 18cm long because 200cm = 2m and there will be 18cm left over


In today's activity, we will be converting between centimetres and metres and centimetres and then adding or subtracting using these measurements.  Choose your level and then download one of the activities below.

Extension task

For your extension task, you are going to do some measuring around your house!  Look carefully at each object, estimate its length and then measure carefully using your ruler or tape measure.

Reasoning task

Today's reasoning task is all about shapes and symmetry!  Don't forget to explain your thinking to an adult please.

Time for some fun!

We may not be able to go to the Icebowl at the moment but we can still have a game of ten-pin bowling online with this multiplication game!  Click here to play "Super Maths Bowling" and choose your own challenge.