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P6 other activities 22nd February

Mary Anning

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Hello my people how are you all?! Have you had a relaxing half-term holiday?! I bet you are glad that Home-School Learning is starting again today! Come on ... it's fun and interesting! You couldn't beat Mrs Bell and MrCoetzee showing you how to do things with a big stick! And even I have been learning so much from our afternoon activities ... and I thought I knew everything!!!


The person we are going to be learning about today from our series of famous people is a lady called Mary Anning. Now, I have to admit that I had never heard about this lady before! However, I was fascinated to learn lots about what it was she did in the pursuit and advancement of Science!


What 'stuck out in my mind' was the dedication she put into searching for her 'curiosities' and the care and diligence that was then required to reveal these fossils. It was a painstaking process but one that was very much worthwhile.  


For this afternoon's work it would be great if you could pause the video (located down below) and attempt to draw one of the fossils that Mary found. Would you be able to do some extra research and see if you would be able to give the fossil that you have drawn its actual scientific name? How about conducting some more research to discover if the massive fossil Mary found towards the end of the learning video is still on display in a museum somewhere in the UK? What other famous fossils have been discovered around the world? Can you find out what the biggest fossil ever discovered is?!


The final task that I am going to set you is for you, the next time you are at the, to have a search through the rocks, stones, pebbles etc to see if you can find any fossils! I will have a look later myself and maybe post a short video if i am successful! Although I am sure I will not be as successful as Mary Anning! ... Although I think there are some old fossils that can be found in the Brooklands Staffroom!!! - I could maybe go look there!!!

Finding fossils

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