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P6 other activities 9th March

Flight Part 3

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Hello my people and what a lovely day it is!!! I think I am in such a good mood because our topic today, based on 'Flight', is to do with wings!!! ... and that is making me think of when I will hopefully be 'winging it' off on holiday some time soon!!!! In fact it is making me think of when we will all afforded the opportunity to go on holiday on the school ski trip! I can not wait for that I tell you!


Today's video is very interesting indeed and teaches quite a lot about the design of wings for aircraft! The design has certainly changed a fair bit from when aeroplanes and wings were first designed! The video that you can watch shows you some of the processes that are gone through at the Bombardier factory in belfast. I wonder do you know anyone who has maybe been directly involved in the designing and making of aircraft?!


For today's activity I would like you to read all of the information associated with the video and to watch the video. I would then like you to click on the link I have provided to conduct a bit of research about a 'famous' aeroplane. Now if you would like you can conduct your own research from a different/better website! Please record some facts about the aeroplane you have selected. You could report back on things such as; when was it made? Where was it made? How fast can it travel? What is its role? What is its range? ... I am sure you will find it to be very interesting! Especially if you happen to base your report on a plane built in Belfast!


Have fun everyone, work hard ... and don't just 'wing it'!!!!!