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Our Pupil Councillors are looking ahead to projects to tackle within the new year...


We are keen to develop our outdoor grounds and were delighted to be awarded a grant from Love Live Here, to the value of £1400 to help us towards our goals! We have plans for a sensory garden, with an outdoor classroom space using logs as seats, so watch this space! :)


Inspire Business Park are kindly donating fruit trees for our grounds, as well as providing a gardener to help us carry out our projects, and learn new skills along the way.


Mr McMillan our caretaker is helping us to build equipment for our playground, and The Men's Shed have built an outdoor kitchen for our infant playground, which is wonderful!


We are still collecting your old school uniforms, so that we may run a 'Pre-Loved Uniform Shop' next year, which will help the environment and our purse strings when buying school uniforms throughout the year.


The Waste Education Bus is booked once more, where the nursery children, as well as P2, P4, P6 and P7 classes will learn all about reusing and recycling our waste, with an opportunity for some arts and crafts using junk materials too!


Another main focus for this year is to tackle single - use plastics in school and at home. One pupil councillor has already designed a brochure to educate and persuade us all to rethink our choices when it comes to single-use plastics, and we look forward to making these vital changes in school as well as at home.


As a pupil council committed to looking after each other and the environment in which we live, we know that if we all make small changes, together we can achieve something great! 


Thank you to everyone for being a part of something very special, and very important within our school and community as a whole!






Two years of hard work paid off this month as the children of the Pupil Council were invited to the Official Opening of Ballyoran Playpark.

Thanks to Alan Poots of Lisburn City Council, our children have been involved in this project from conception to the end result. They picked the equipment they would like to see and attended a site visit to oversee the work as it was underway. We had the fabulous opportunity to work with Therese Gorman, a local artist, to create stunning artwork for display at the park. We picked the theme of giraffes, very special to our hearts, as well as the word TOGETHER, to represent all of the Brooklands children, past, present and future in this play park. Every child from P1 to P7 had the opportunity to get hands-on with creating the felt for the artwork, so this is something we are all very proud of. The Mayor of Lisburn officially opened the park and praised our pupils for their dedication to their school and the community, as well as their enthusiasm, stories and fabulous behaviour at the opening event. They are a credit to us all and superb ambassadors for all of the wonderful children within Brooklands Primary School.

Official Opening of Ballyoran Playpark 2017

Official Opening of Ballyoran Playpark 2017 1
Official Opening of Ballyoran Playpark 2017 2
Official Opening of Ballyoran Playpark 2017 3
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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
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In Brooklands Primary School we foster a sense of pride and independence in our children, encouraging each child to respect themselves, others and the environment in which they live.
We demonstrate this by showing each child that we value their opinions and listen to what they have to say. Through our Pupil Council every child in Brooklands has the opportunity to raise their suggestions and become involved in real-life decision making around the school.
Last year the Pupil Council worked to improve the playground environment through planting plants, establishing a quiet friendship corner and by selecting new games for each year group to play with.
We began tackling issues surrounding transport, encouraging more children to walk and cycle to school, thus improving health and fitness whilst making the roads around our school a safer place to be. We have worked in partnership with Sustrans to promote sustainable modes of transport, putting cycle training in place for many more children within our school as well as organising Bikers’ Breakfasts and Walk to School events throughout the year.
This year the Pupil Council look forward to building on their successes within school, whilst looking at how we can also help others by organising events to raise money for charity.  
Picture 1 Ready, Set, Go!
Picture 2
Picture 3 Ready for off!
Picture 4 Here come the girls!
Picture 5 dun-na dun-na dun-na!!!!
Picture 6 A wheely wheely fast shark!
Picture 7 Not from one of our sandwiches!
Picture 8 On Litter Patrol!
Picture 9 Sustrans Cycle Training
Picture 10 Sustrans Cycle Training
Picture 11 Sustrans Cycle Training
Picture 12 Sustrans Cycle Training
Picture 13 A busy KS1 cycle pod!
Picture 14 I Like to Bike!
Picture 15 Roll up, Roll up... quite literally!
Picture 16 Eco Flag Success!!
Picture 17 We're Going on a Bike Count!
Picture 18 Eco Club!
Picture 19 Litter Picking & Bike Counting
Picture 20 Bike and scooters as far as the eye can see!
Picture 21 After a busy Litter Patrol
Picture 22 The most refreshing way to travel!
Picture 23 Our new cycle pod
Picture 24 Here we come!
Picture 25 The Big Pedal Winners