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Who's Who

Meet the teaching and non-teaching staff at Brooklands Primary School!


Mr. J. Armstrong


Mrs F. Smart

Head of Nursery
Miss A. Doherty

Head of Foundation/KS1
Miss N. McWilliams


Head of KS2
Mr. R. Coetzee


Senior Leadership Team
Mr. J. Armstrong, Mrs. F. Smart, Miss N. McWilliams, Mr. R. Coetzee, Mrs. A. Bell, Mr. M. Henry, Mrs. S. McNirlan, Miss A. Doherty


Pastoral Care Team
Mrs. S. McNirlan (Designated Teacher), Mr. J. Armstrong and Miss A. Doherty (Deputy Designated Teachers), Miss N. McWilliams, Mrs. F. Smart, Mr. R. Coetzee, Mrs. E. Lyon


Mrs. F. Smart

Nursery teachers

Miss A. Doherty, Mrs S. McVeigh

P1 teachers

Mrs. J. Williamson, Mrs T. Clarke, Miss J. Wilson 

P2 teachers
Mrs. S. McNirlan, Mrs. L. Connery, Mrs R. Vian-Coe and Mrs A. Gillespie (job-share)

P3 teachers

Miss N. McWilliams, Mrs. R. Massey, Miss C. Reid

P4 teachers 
Mrs. P. Freeburn, Mrs. G. Graham

P5 teachers

Mr. S. McKee, Mrs E. Lyon, Mrs O. Morrow (maternity leave covered by Mrs S. Patton)

P6 teachers
Mrs. A. Bell, Mr. R. Coetzee, Mr  C. Massey 

P7 teachers
Mr. M. Henry, Miss R. Steele 


Social Communication Unit teachers

Mrs. S. Gordon and Miss R. Young


Literacy Support teacher

Mrs. M. Megaw


Classroom assistants (Nursery)
Mrs. Murtagh, Mrs. Garrett, Miss Gregg

Classroom assistants (School)
Mrs Kennedy, Mrs Irwin-Martin, Mrs Scott, Mrs M Graham, Mrs Ewan, Mrs McCreedy, Mrs Ogborn, Mrs Surgenor, Mrs Ferguson, Mrs Todd, Mrs Teer, Mrs S Graham, Mrs Allman, Mrs McKnight, Miss Allman, Mrs Price, Mrs Wareing, Mrs King, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Shushnev, Mrs Woodside, Mrs Campbell, Mrs Gill, Mrs Millar, Mrs Laughlins, Mrs Golde, Miss Lynas, Mrs Best, Miss Campbell, Miss Surgenor 

School secretary

Mrs. L. McMillen

Mrs Coulter and kitchen staff

Lunchtime supervisors
Mrs. McDowell and supervisory staff

Building supervisor
Mr S. McMillen and cleaning staff