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Welcome to Brooklands Nursery

Welcome to Brooklands Nursery Unit.


Hi everyone!!

We are all sooo happy to see children back into the Nursery again - the place was so QUIET and empty without all of our smiling faces!!

Anyway, we have been really busy since the beginning of term. Most of our children are now in Nursery and they all look so SMART in their lovely new uniforms!!

Our children have been so good at washing their hands throughout the day and have already learned to cough or sneeze into their elbow - great work!!






Tiny Happy People 


“Tiny Happy People” is an online platform for parents of children from birth to 5 years old. The initiative was launched in July 2020 by the Duchess of Cambridge (in partnership with the BBC) and aims to develop children’s communication and language skills and includes activities to support language development. 

The BBC has created hundreds of videos and written content which is hoped will make a real difference in closing the under-fives language and communication gap and help give children the best chance in life. 


The Duchess of Cambridge describes the resources as “gold dust” for families. 

Please follow the link below and go see for yourself laugh 

(Click on "Activities" and select your child's age bracket).



Remember to wash your hands!!

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Let's take a quick look at what's been going on in the Nursery Unit!!


We have been so BUSY!!!

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We have been printing with vegetables!!

We made banana bread!!

We put up pictures which tell us all about bread.

Lemons,limes,oranges & grapefruits in the water - we squeezed them to make juice & printed with them too!

We learnt how to make playdough!

We have been painting beautiful pictures!

The garden looks beautiful with our newly planted pansies!!

The flower bed has been tidied up and we will be planting some wild flower seeds - watch this space for more pics!!

Job done !! Wildflower seeds all planted!!

Our children have been making "dinner" in the Mud Kitchen!!