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Literacy 10th February

True/false facts introduction

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True/false facts explanation

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Good morning P3 and welcome to Wonderful Wednesday. Have you all enjoyed learning about Leopard Seals? What fact did you find the most fascinating?

The P3 teachers could not believe that Leopard seals eat other smaller seals and penguins! They are ferocious hunters P3.


Today we have a host of true and false facts for you to read and sort into the true and false table. Remember to take your time to read each fact carefully. Then it is your job to decide if the fact is true or false!


Have fun and try your best to read the tricky words. Sound out and decode challenging words as best you can. If you need to ask for help from an adult then that is fine too :)


Have a great time and best of luck P3 Superstars. heart