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Literacy 12th February

Report writing introduction

Leopard seals - factual reports

Report Writing

Leopard Seals - factual reports

Good morning P3, it's Friday again and nearly the weekend.

Today we are going to use all those amazing facts we have been learning about Leopard  Seals to write a factual report.


P3, you are super duper report writers and your factual reports about Weddell Seals were outstanding. You are remembering to use capital letters, fingers spaces and full stops. Many of you are also using different words at the beginning of each sentence to make your report writing interesting and enjoyable for the reader.


Make sure you watch today's video to refresh your memory about what a factual report is and what you might include.


Think carefully about everything you have been learning about Leopard Seals.

Remember a word bank can be really useful when writing a factual report. You may also choose to use your facts page from yesterday to help you!