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Literacy 13th January

Compound words - lesson 2

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Separating a compound word into 2 smaller words.

Explanation of Compound Word task

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Good morning P3!  Today we are looking at those incredible COMPOUND WORDS again.

Yesterday you completed a fun activity where you made your own compound words and drew amazing pictures. Today you are going to complete the COMPOUND word challenges. Not only are you going to make compound words out of two smaller words. Today you are also going to break compound words into two smaller words! It's great fun P3 and not like work at all wink

Don't forget, it is up to you which level you choose. Please select your level from the list below.

HC - Higher level challenge

MC- Middle level challenge

LC- Lower level challenge

Remember the pages do not need to be printed off.

As long as you have pencil and paper you will be ready to go!

P.S. Don't forget to take a look at the COMPOUND WORD Powerpoint to refresh your memory. I will also add a link to Topmarks compound word game called Crazy Compound Words.

On your marks, get set, go P3 Superstars!