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Literacy 14th January

Task explanation - Literacy 14th January

Miss McWilliams explains our Litercay task.

Well Good Morning P3, it's Terrific Thursday again already! smiley

Hope everybody is well and enjoying the home learning activities this week.

You have been learning all about Emperor Penguins in WAU and today you are going to complete a Penguin Comprehension.


Now P3 are amazing at comprehensions and have completed quite a few in the first term of P3. We know that all the answers to the comprehension questions are in the TEXT.


1. Firstly we need to make sure we read the text a couple of times to understand the passage.

2. Read the questions very carefully.

3. Underline or highlight the answers in the text.

4. Write our answer in a full sentence with a capital letter and full stop (we never write a single word answer in P3). no

5. Check over our answers.


Comprehensions can be challenging so take your time P3. Remember to select the level that is right for you.

HC - High level challenge

MC - Medium level challenge

LC- Lower level challenge.

Best of luck P3 and remember as long as you do your best, Miss McWilliams, Mrs Connery and I will be very proud of you. heart






Literacy explanation 14th Jan - part 2

Comprehension task explanation.