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Literacy 26th February


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Good morning P3 and welcome to Fabulous Friday! Today we are going to be learning all about synonyms. This will be the first time we have been introduced to synonyms, but don't worry P3, synonyms are fantastic fun!


So what is a synonym?

A synonym is a word that means the same or nearly the same as another word. Let's look at some examples together to help you understand P3.


big and huge


happy and cheerful


cry and sob


dirty and filthy


Now remember to watch the video below to help you understand the synonyms and to look at more examples.


Then choose the challenge that is right for you;

HC - Higher level challenge

MC - Middle level challenge

LC- Lower level challenge


Enjoy your synonym task today P3 and have a wonderful weekend. smileyheart







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Part 1

Synonyms continued.....

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Part 2