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Literacy 3rd February

Part 1

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When do we use capital letters?

Part 2

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Can we correct the sentences?

Part 3

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Task explanation

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday P3. We hope you are all well and enjoying this weeks literacy tasks.
Today we are going to revise
CAPITAL LETTERS and FULL STOPS.  P3 can you remember when we use capital letters?


  • At the beginning of a sentence? yes
  • Name of a person? yes
  • Name of a place? yes
  • A celebration or festival? yes
  • A month of the year? yes
  • A day of the week? yes
  • I on its own? yes


Have we forgotten any?

Watch the video to refresh your memory of CAPITAL LETTERS AND FULL STOPS.


Remember we always finish a sentence with a full stop. This means your sentence is complete.


Pick your challenge from the list below. Read each sentence carefully and check over your answers.


HC - Higher level Challenge

MC - Middle level Challenge

LC-  Low  level Challenge


Good luck and have fun P3 smiley