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Day 1

Guess what P3? It's Book Week in Brooklands Primary School and we are going to enjoy lots of fun literacy and book related activities this week. Are you excited?

Your literacy challenge today is linked to the story. Make sure you listen to the story before watching the lesson videos. smileyyes

The Slightly Annoying Elephant!

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Listen to today’s story boys and girls before completing your task.

Story continued......

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We hope you enjoyed your story this morning 'The Slightly Annoying Elephant.' It reminded the P3 teachers of the book 'The Tiger who came to tea' by Judith Kerr. Imagine a wild animal turning up at your door, what would you do? Miss Reid would challenge the animal to

a run, Mrs Connery would cook them some delicious food and Miss McWilliams would teach the animal some Pilates moves!!! winklaugh


Last Friday you were introduced to synonyms. David Walliams used different words with a similar meaning (synonyms) to describe the size of the elephant? For example, great, big, gigantic and ginormous.

Did you also notice P3 how the author used lots of different words in place of the word said? For example, boomed, spluttered, asked announced, demanded, called, protested and pleaded. The range of vocabulary (words) makes the story more interesting!


Now P3, Sam has successfully adopted an elephant from the Zoo and received an ADOPT AN ELEPHANT certificate. However, he didn't read the small print (that's the teeny tiny writing at the bottom of the certificate). It says 'I hereby consent (agree) to said elephant coming to live in my house and inviting all his elephant friends to stay.'


Today boys and girls we would like you to imagine you are Sam. Sam is going to write a letter to the Zoo manager and explain he has made a BIG mistake. What do you think Sam might say in his letter?


This is a creative writing activity. It is up to you to think about what Sam might write. If it helps, think about what you might write if this happened to you. Watch today’s video for some help with how to structure your letter.

Do your best and remember to use your imagination! P3 in Brookies have amazing, wonderful, fabulous, terrific, spectacular imaginations.



Literacy introduction Mon 1st March

Literacy task Mon 1st March