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Animal Homes - Lola, Ben and Alexsis

Animal Crackers - (Zac, Lucy, Zach,P4 F)( Myah, Jenson, Adam, Zach, P4 G)

Enjoy reading the book Animal Crackers aloud with your parents.


Draw an animal and then write rhymes about it. You could draw one of the animals from the poems or another animal of your choice. Say the poem aloud to your parent!

Ask your parent to prepare cards with the following words: hump, stand, snail, from, yelps, stops, paints, must, starts and best. Ask your parent to challenge you to read as many words as you can in a minute and time this with a stopwatch. Sort the cards into two piles according to whether they were correctly read or not. Re-read the words that were not correct asking adult to help you.

At the Fun Fair - Lola, Ben, Rylie, Alexsis

Read the book aloud to your parent.

1.Say the sounds aloud to your parent: a, t, p, i, n, d, u ,f

2. Blend the sounds and say the words aloud to your parent:

fun, up, and, it

3. Draw a picture of yourself on your favourite fun fair ride and write a sentence using the words above in your sentence.