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Mathematics 21st January

Good morning P3 superstars 


Today we have another HUNDRED SQUARE challenge for you!

Lots of NEW learning!

You had all worked so well last week that we thought you were ready for a trickier challenge! 


Which challenge will you choose today?

HC- Higher level challenge

MC- Middle level challenge

LC-  Lower level challenge


There will be a 100 grid that is completely filled in.

1. Have a really good look at it!

2. Then think back to when we found patterns on the 50 grid by colouring in 2s, 5s and 10s.  The patterns will be the same, just with bigger numbers.

3. Finally! Can you work out the missing numbers in your written challenge below, using your hundred array to help you?



Remember the pages do not need to be printed off.As long as you have pencil and paper you will be ready to go!

Good luck P3 Superstars

After you've completed the first challenge, click on the fun challenge link and there's a game that you will all enjoy! 

If you're up for a 3rd challenge today and if you have a printer, click on the last link where you will find some 100 array jigsaws to put back together!

HAVE LOTS OF FUN!!! smiley

Patterns on the 100 array

Still image for this video

Numeracy task explanation

Still image for this video