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Mathematics 25th February

Function machines explanation

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Good morning P3 superstars! smiley


Its terrific Thursday and time for number work.

Today we will be looking at function machines.

Now a function machine isn't really a machine , it is just a diagram.

For example …………

number in                                       number out

       6        >>>>>>>      + 2      >>>>>>>       8

So, the yellow square is the function machine and the "function" that it is doing to each number is adding 2.

Boys and girls, what number do you think would come out of this machine if 9 went in?

That's right! It would be 11.

So, it's really just like working out the answer to a sum without an equals (=) sign. 

There are some function machines for you to complete for today's challenge.

There is also a "challenge for all" where you can make your own function machines and a mental maths game.

These will all be explained in detail in the videos below, so please don't attempt your tasks until you've watched them all!

Just click on the links below.


Good luck P3 Superstars and remember to select the challenge that is right for you  .


HC- Higher level challenge

MC- Middle level challenge

LC- Lower level challenge


 You can do it P3!








Still image for this video