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Mathematics 26th January

Dice Game - adding 2 numbers!!!

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Roll, Roll, Roll those dice P3 (30times).

Good morning P3 superstars!

It's Tuesday 26th January. smiley

The numeracy challenge today is a really fun activity. smileysmileysmiley

All you need are 2 dice, crayons and some paper.

You are going to throw the dice 30 times!!
Each time you throw them add the numbers shown on both dice together. 

Then you are going to colour in a square on the chart to show this number.

It's just like when we made our "birthday bar chart". 

REMEMBER to colour from the bottom up!

Stop after throwing the dice 30 times.

If you lose track of how many times you've thrown the dice, you can check by counting how many squares you have coloured in.

I wonder which number you'll throw most often?

I wonder which number you'll throw least often?

If you don't have a printer, don't worry!  Just ask a grown up nicely yo draw you out a grid.

HAVE FUN smileysmileysmiley

Click on the link below to see the grid.

Just in case you don't have dice in the house :)