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2 days into World Book Week!


World Book Week is in full swing at Brooklands Primary!

On Monday we welcomed retired principal Mr McCartney back to school as a Secret Storyteller along with Mr Henry's brother Simon! They surprised the P4s and P5s and read a variety of funny and well known stories! 

On Tuesday, there was lots of movement between classrooms as pupils enjoyed a Story Swap with another year group...P7s read to P4s, P2s read to P6s...P5s read to P3s...P4s read to P1s and so many more exchanges! It was a really wonderful, encouraging experience for staff and pupils!


Extreme Expression contest P4s to P7s on Wednesday afternoon with guest judges...

WORLD BOOK DAY on Thursday...dress up as a book character P1s to P3s Pyjama Party in the evening....(£3.00 per child, MUST be booked)

EXTREME READING...which class will win the treat break and a mountain of new books for their classroom? Get your photo into your teacher so each display can be made before Friday!


Stay involved - it's fantastic!