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Barnardos Christmas Support

Dear Families,


This year has been financially challenging and worrying for so many, and we want to help in any way we can.


The support given to our Mission Christmas collection was incredible, and will be put to such invaluable use this year, yet, we are aware that many families may have been unable to register with Mission Christmas due to the demand upon the appeal this year especially.


With that in mind we want to let you know of additional support being made available by our friends at Barnardos, who have been in touch today. They are able to offer some support to families through gifts for children, as well as support towards the costs of food and utilities. 


As such, if you need to access extra support this year, through gifts for children, or vital help with the cost of food or utilities, Barnardos have asked that we contact them by lunchtime tomorrow.


This does not give us much time to act, and Barnardos do not have the staff to handle inquiries from parents directly, which is why they have asked school to contact them directly.


If you find yourself in a situation this year, where this help would be invaluable to your family, please email either Mrs Smart or Mr Armstrong in complete confidence by 11am tomorrow, Wednesday 16th December, and we will pass your details on, confidentially, to our contact in Barnardos, so that additional support can be given at a time when it is needed most. 


Please contact either of us confidentially, using one of the following email addresses:


All you would need to provide is your child or children's ages and gender


If you would benefit from support for food or utilities, again, please let us know and this will be passed on in complete confidence too.


With sincere thanks and on behalf of Barnardos,


Mr J. Armstrong and Mrs F. Smart