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Bye bye Big Pedal!


Brooklands said goodbye to the Big Pedal in typically outrageous fashion today with a whole school 'Bye Bye Big Pedal Party'! 2 weeks of cycling, scooting and walking to school ended with Musical Statues, Musical Chairs and a Treasure Hunt involving some very enthusiastic teachers! Our final event was our whole school 'Big Breakfast' today -our wonderful dinner ladies served 500+ hot dogs in 45 minutes - surely some kind of record! Huge thanks to Diane and her team in the school kitchen - truly our unsung heroes! 


The Big Pedal has registered over 3.5 million journeys over 10 school days across the UK. The environmental and health benefits of walking, cycling or scooting to school are wide-ranging - have a look online at for more details!


Brooklands finished in 9th place in Northern Ireland on the Big Pedal leaderboard, and in 335th position in the whole of the UK...with a total of 4000 journeys to school over 10 days!


The Big Pedal may be over - but look out for more special events as we continue to try to reduce congestion around the school gates - plenty more to come in Term 3!