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Classes for 2020/21

P1 Williamson   -   P2 Miss Wills

P1 McNirlan   -   P2 Mrs Massey

P1 Gavero   -   P2 Miss Ashby


P2 Massey   -   P3 Miss McWilliams

P2 Reid   -   P3 Miss Reid

P2 Ashby   -   P3 Mrs Connery


P3 McWilliams   -   P4 Mrs Freeburn

P3 Connery   -   P4 Mrs Graham


P4 Freeburn   -   P5 Mr McKee

P4 Graham   -   P5 Miss Lyon


P5 Devlin   -   P6 Mr Massey

P5 McKee   -   P6 Mr Coetzee

P5 Lyon   -   P6 Mrs Bell


P6 Bell   -   P7 Mrs Smart (Job Share teacher to be appointed)

P6 Massey   -   P7 Mr Henry

P6 Coetzee   -   P7 Miss Duggan


Farewell messages from teachers will be on current home learning pages on Monday and welcome videos from new teachers will be on the same pages on Tuesday.