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Happy Thanksgiving!


We never shy away from a big occasion in Brooklands Primary, and our first ever celebration of American Thanksgiving in school today nearly 'trumped' all our previous efforts!


There was much speculation about the V.I.P. visitor that had been promised to Mr Henry from the White House in Washington D.C. -- who could it be? We weren't disappointed as we welcomed the President himself - our good friend and former principal Mr McCartney with facemask and full suit!


Pupils and staff enjoyed a variety of fun and games - the infamous and now dreaded 'Spinney Wheel' returned - in 2 special assemblies which helped every pupil from P1 to P7 learn a little more about this special American holiday!


Well done to the super readers from P4H and thanks to everyone who made the effort to wear red, white and blue or added stars or stripes to their school uniform.

Next stop.... Christmas!