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Important Update Regarding the School Day

Dear Parents and Guardians,


May we take this opportunity, first and foremost, to congratulate you and your children on the most positive and happy start back to school this week! They came into school so well, and you must be feeling very proud indeed. 


As we look ahead to next week, and all pupils being in school for the first time together, we feel that there are necessary changes we must make to the school day, in order to keep the children, and you as parents and guardians, as safe as possible when entering and exiting the school grounds. 


We would like to extend the window of time where children can enter the school building each morning. Doors will continue to open at 0840 and will remain open until 0910. 


There will be no supervision in the playground before 0840, as all staff are in rooms ready to greet the children, so for purposes of pupil safety, we would ask that children do not arrive before this time. 


We are delighted to let you know that Breakfast Club will reopen to all pupils from Monday 7th September. Breakfast Club will open from 0815, with a small cost of 50p per day. Further details on Breakfast Club will be posted next week. 


We are very limited in terms of our entrances and exits to school, having only the main driveway and back path, which we know is very narrow. To make this one-way would not be beneficial for most families, who approach from different directions. Taking all of this into account and to ease any potential congestion, particularly at home times, we have taken the decision to stagger the finish times of year groups slightly further.


The last thing we want to do is to change routines for you at this stage, however we feel it is the right thing to do, as we strive to keep all children, and their families as safe and comfortable feeling, at this time. 


As of Tuesday 1st September, the following staggered finish times will be in place for each year group:


                       Mon              Tues          Wed         Thurs           Fri


P1                   As per individual group timetables, thereafter:

                      1345            1345           1345          1345           1345


P2                  1345            1345           1345          1345           1345


P3                  1350            1450           1350          1450           1350


P4                  1450            1450           1350          1450           1350


P5                  1455            1455           1355          1455           1355


P6                  1500           1500           1400          1500            1400


P7                  1500           1500           1400          1500            1400


We value your support immeasurably and we thank you for your understanding, as we ensure we have all possible measures in place, to help keep all children, as well as you as parents and guardians, feeling as safe and comfortable as possible. Thank you so much for supporting these small, but important changes. 


Now that the children are comfortable entering school, and their new classrooms, we would like to bring each class in and out of school, using the door closest to their classroom. 


With this in mind the following classes will use the following doors from next week: 


Infant Door:    All P1 and P2 Classes 

Middle Door:  P3C, P3R, P4G, P5L, P5McK, P7H, P7SD

Top Door:      P3McW, P4F, P6C, P6B, P6M, P7D



With Sincere Thanks,


Mr Armstrong and Mrs Smart