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Mellow Yellow Day - Thursday 24th September

Mellow Yellow Day

Thursday 24th September 2020


On Thursday we will be taking part in our second 'Mellow Yellow Day' within school. 


This is a day where we focus upon positive mental health, as we celebrate all that we can do and all that we are thankful for, as well as practicing relaxation techniques, mindfulness, art and activities surrounding well-being. 


This month has been a gentle return back into school, where our children's well-being has been central to everything we do. We felt that this would be a lovely way to celebrate our return to school, from within our own classes, before we finish for a long weekend, with an Exceptional Closure on Friday 25th September.


There is no cost for this day, and unfortunately due to restrictions, we cannot ask the children to dress-up this year, however, if your child would like to wear a yellow accessory on Thursday, such as sunglasses, a hairband or yellow socks, they'd be so welcome to!!


We want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for helping your child settle back into school so well, and for all of the support you have shown us too. Your support means everything, as we work together for the best of every child in Brooklands.


This 'Mellow Yellow Day' we want to say thank you to you, and to all of our children for the most wonderful, positive return back to school. 


We are so thankful for each and every one of you!