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Official Opening of Ballyoran Playpark

Two years of hard work paid off this month as the children of the Pupil Council were invited to the Official Opening of Ballyoran Playpark. Thanks to Alan Poots of Lisburn City Council, our children have been involved in this project from conception to the end result. They picked the equipment they would like to see and attended a site visit to oversee the work as it was underway. We had the fabulous opportunity to work with Therese Gorman, a local artist, to create stunning artwork for display at the park. We picked the theme of giraffes, very special to our hearts, as well as the word TOGETHER, to represent all of the Brooklands children, past, present and future in this play park. Every child from P1 to P7 had the opportunity to get hands-on with creating the felt for the artwork, so this is something we are all very proud of. The Mayor of Lisburn officially opened the park and praised our pupils for their dedication to their school and the community, as well as their enthusiasm, stories and fabulous behaviour at the opening event. They are a credit to us all and superb ambassadors for all of the wonderful children within Brooklands Primary School.