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Pupil Reports

Pupil reports will be available for collection from the school assembly hall on the following dates.

P1 Tuesday 23rd June 10.00am  -  12 noon

P2 Tuesday 23rd June  1.00pm  -  3.00pm

P3 Wednesday 24th June 10.00am  -  12 noon

P4 Wednesday 24th June 1.00pm  -  3.00pm

P5 Thursday 25th June 10.00am  -  12 noon

P6 Thursday 25th June 1.00pm  -  3.00pm

P7 Friday 26th June 11.00am  -  1.00pm

Friday 26th June 1.30pm  -  3.00pm Final chance to collect reports if other times are unsuitable.

Parents can only collect reports for their own children and if you have more than one child at the school you may collect all the reports at the same time.

Entry to the school will be through the front gates and main entrance only. Please observe social distancing regulations when you are in the school.

Classes for the new academic year will be on the website on Friday 26th June.