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Staff star struck by daytime doc!

Did you hear the one about television doctor in the staff room? Well, it's not a joke, it really happened! Dr Hilary Jones from ITV's 'Good Morning Britain' made an unscheduled stop in Brooklands today and caused quite a stir in certain parts of the building! The show was filming in Asda Dundonald with Dr Hilary on Tuesday morning. The crew then headed to Brooklands afterwards to film and interview 10 P4 pupils talking about their mums as part of the build up to Mother's Day. Dr Hilary wasn't part of the Mother's Day filming so popped into a few P2 classrooms to say hello and (upon request) even gave a delighted Mrs Graham a friendly hug! All in all an ordinary Tuesday in February ended up being very different for the star struck staff!

*Look out for our fantastic P4 pupils on your tv screens in the week beginning Monday 9th March on 'Good Morning Britain' on ITV. Let us know if you spot them!*