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Update - Covid-19

Dear Parents and Guardians,


Our thoughts remain with all children, staff and family members currently unwell and we wish them all a speedy recovery and return to health. 


We face unprecedented challenges in keeping our school community as safe as possible at this time, with the Public Health Agency now taking full responsibility for identifying and contacting anyone deemed to be a close contact of those who have tested positive for Covid-19.


We thank families for remaining cautious and for taking pro-active steps to ensuring we keep our children, staff and families as safe as possible during this time. 


If a family member tests positive for Covid19, or you know that your child has been a close contact of someone who has tested positive, we thank you for taking safe steps beyond the current guidance, with families seeking tests, and keeping children at home when someone tests positive within the household. Work will be provided in this situation. 


By working together in this way we can help to protect everyone's health, reduce the risks to vulnerable children and adults within our school community and minimise the impact felt on children's education and well-being as a result of time out of school. 


Sincere thanks, 


J Armstrong